PayPal Women’s Initiative Network Conference

PayPal flew us out to California for their international Women’s Initiative Network conference, with over 500 attendees.

In the morning, we helped with a team-building exercise, where attendees split into groups and chose a team animal and motto. We wrote poems for each group, which they read to the entire conference after lunch.

In the evening, we typed poems for the conference attendees at the cocktail party. We were inspired by the creative and enthusiastic teams from across the globe.

PayPal loved our work, so they brought us back just a few months later to type at their Texas conference as well. We loved watching the PayPal community share their poems and encourage each other to pick wild and inventive topics!

“I’m used to writing to spec on tight timelines, but to create something in a boisterous room in under 5 minutes that touches someone you’ve shared just a dozen words with?  Six months later, your poem, The Many Sides of Love, still sits on my fridge where I can read it when I need to.” —Jennifer Robson, PayPal Australia

“Your poem is the most delicate, creative memento I ever took from a corporate event — any event, as a matter of fact.” —Roberta Bronzatto, PayPal Brazil

“It was not just entertainment — it was a personal keepsake.” —Muna Hussaini, PayPal Event Planner

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