Martine Honeysuckle Liqueur Launch

Who mixes perfectly with liqueur launch parties?  We do!

We recently entertained at a string of parties across Texas introducing the cocktail industry to its newest sweetheart — the delectably divine Martine Honeysuckle Liqueur.

Guests loved sipping their drinks while thinking up fun topics — then watching those topics turn into original poems, clacked out on a typewriter right before their eyes.

Also, there was a monkey.

Martine kicked off their 5-city launch tour at Austin’s Backbeat Bar, setting up our poetry table as entertainment for their guests.

We cranked out poems for cocktail industry folks late into the night.

Martine even provided envelopes stamped with their logo for guests to use as gift packaging for their poems.

We got all sorts of poem requests, including a series on the past, present, and (fittingly blurry) future. Next stop — Barringer Bar in Houston!  Where, of course, there was a bar monkey!

We spent the evening writing poems for cocktail industry guests, on topics from Tequila hookups to a near-death bike accident. It was a night we won’t soon forget.  (Did we mention the monkey?)

Then Dallas. Oh Dallas, you and your crazy poems.  For its Big D launch, Martine set us up in the hip Industry Alley Bar.

As the evening (and drinking) progressed, some poem requests got more on the adult-feisty side.

Two of our last poem requests were an ode to scotch, and “Ohmygod I LOVE whiskey.”

On to the Ft. Worth gem of a bar, The Social!

Tucked into our Booth ‘o Poems, we typed from early eve to candlelight late.

Our last stop was San Antonio, at the cool and sultry bar The Last Word. More monkeys, more poetry, more delicious Honeysuckle drinks.

One of the last poem requests we got, quite apropos, was “Honeysuckle.”

Getting to be part of Martine’s Texas launch party tour was sweet, splendid, and memorable — just like Honeysuckle Liqueur.  And bar monkeys.