Seattle & Portland Art Museums

“Thank you! That was a marathon. Y’all are pros.”
— Manager of Public Programs, Seattle Art Museum


We love the PNW.  And museums.

Both together?  Perfection!


Seattle Art Museum

For the SAM’s monthly “Remix” party, we got to set up in the gorgeous European Art wing:

Over 2,000 guests filled the museum — our poetry line stretched around the corner the whole night!

Topics ranged from donuts to “draped in moonlight”, from transitions to “when taco met pizza”:



Portland Art Museum

We got to jaunt down to Oregon for The Portland Book Festival (aka “Wordstock”), and set up in the wonderful Portland Art Museum.

We had a line of fun, enthusiastic art-goers the whole time, asking for poems on anything and everything — from Portland and shadows, to rain and of course a “bellybutton churro”:

“Thank YOU for spending the day with us!  You were busy, busy, busy each time I walked by, and I heard nothing but excitement from attendees about your presence!”
— Liz Olufson, Portland Book Festival Event Specialist