Custom Workshops

“Typewriter Rodeo is amazingly cool to hire for your corporate conference!”
— Jo Miller, CEO of Women’s Leadership Coaching

Let us recharge employees your with our custom workshop:

How creativity in an on-demand environment unleashes unexpected and immediate results in the corporate world

Presenting workshop for PayPal in San Jose, CA


How does creating on-demand poetry translate to the business sector? Typewriter Rodeo shows your employees how to harness the freedom — and fear — of making mistakes. We teach your entire enterprise how to adapt on-the-spot to client needs, and how to embrace the creative vulnerability needed to deliver immediate, actionable results.

“A powerful, memorable experience that was both personal and tied to the workplace.
Our employees LOVED this!”
— Muna Hussaini, PayPal Sr. Programs Manager,
San Jose & Austin workshops

Writing a custom poem, while someone stands in front of you and waits, may seem a million miles from the demands of the conference room or cubicle. But both are focused on the same thing — garnering fast, meaningful results for customers and management, and tapping into the wealth of creative solutions you never dreamed you had.


With an hour-long keynote custom-designed for your company, Typewriter Rodeo will show your employees how to really open their eyes and see the world through a creative, results-oriented lens. And as we move into workshop time, everyone is invited to create spontaneous on-demand poetry. We’ll discuss how creativity begets empathy, introspection, and breakthroughs not just on the page, but in client meetings, sales calls, and all across the corporate landscape.

Presenting workshop in Seattle, WA


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