Who We Are

“Typewriter Rodeo should be on every corner of the universe.”
(Author Ruth Pennebaker)

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The Rodeo founders:  David, Sean, Kari Anne, & Jodi

We started in 2013 at an Austin craft fair.  When folks asked, “Do you do this at other events?” the 4 of us looked at each other and said, “Of course!”


Sure, anyone can plop behind a vintage typewriter and type you a poem.

But you’ll be hard-pressed to find a team with more experience, poetic variety, and sparkly rainbow charm:


Jodi Egerton is the creator of the editing, workshop, and mentor service Write Good Consulting.  She has a Ph.D. in English from the University of Texas at Austin, where she served as the Assistant Director of the Division of Rhetoric and Writing and the Training Specialist at the Undergraduate Writing Center.  She’s currently working on This Word Now, a creativity and writing craft book with her husband Owen Egerton.  Jodi also works as a performer, and can be found on stages around Austin performing improv comedy and hosting fundraisers and auctions for schools and non-profit organizations.  She types on a 1970 Litton Imperial.

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David Fruchter is a writer, editor, poet and performance artist living in Austin, Texas.  He is also the producer and host of Slappy Pinchbottom’s Odd Preoccupation, a long-running radio show in Austin devoted to the spoken word and other literary arts.  David types on a 1941 Royal Quiet DeLuxe.

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Kari Anne Holt is an author, mama, and terrible cook.  As an author for adults, Kari Anne has written HAIKU MAMA (Quirk, 2006), and periodically contributes to McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.  Her humorous essays can be found in many anthologies, including The Best of McSweeney’s.  (She is also reasonably infamous for her blog, haikuoftheday.com.)  As a writer for children, Kari Anne is known as K.A. Holt and is the author of five books, including two 2015 middle grade titles, HOUSE ARREST (Chronicle) and a verse novel, RHYME SCHEMER (Chronicle).  Her forthcoming titles are RED MOON RISING (Simon & Schuster, 2016) and GNOMEAGEDDON (McElderry Books, 2017).  Kari Anne lives in Austin, TX and never sleeps.  She types on a 1952 Oliver portable.


Sean Petrie loves writing, teaching, and donuts.  He has an MFA in Writing for Children from Vermont College of Fine Arts, writes middle grade and young adult novels, and is represented by The Erin Murphy Literary Agency.  On the other side of his brain, Sean has a law degree from Stanford and teaches legal writing at The University of Texas School of Law.  He is a former member of Austin’s ComedySportz improv troupe, and still thinks Buffy is the best show ever.  Sean types on a 1928 Remington portable. 🍩

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Natalie Grigson is a writer, artist, improviser, and adventurer extraordinaire living in Austin.  She has a degree in creative writing from St. Edward’s University and her first book, THE FANTASTIC FABLE OF PETER ABLE, was published in 2015.  When not writing, art-ing, or improvising, Natalie can be found playing outdoors, traveling the world, spending time in the company of excellent friends (human and dog alike), and occasionally jumping from planes.  Natalie types on a 1930 purple Remington portable.


Lindsey Verrill is an artist and musician living in Austin (photo by Sasha Wasko).  She plays the upright bass, cello, and banjo and writes poems, songs, stories, and ‘zines.  Lindsey has a degree in music from the University of North Texas but got her real education hopping freight trains and playing in dingy basements all over the world.  These two things were the most educational of all and she hopes to do them until the day she dies.  Lindsey types on a baby blue Corona.

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Courtney “Cornpone” Cook is an educator, artist, and Ph.D. student at the University of Texas at Austin.  When not teaching the politics of poetry, Courtney makes (really tiny) books, futzes with her guitar, writes, and thinks about What Willie Would Do.  She hails from Perry, GA — home of the Georgia National (not a typo) Fair, her literal first rodeo, and a very important tributary of the Ocmulgee River.  Courtney types on a 1936 Royal DeLuxe.


Michelle Mirsky is a writer, storyteller, and occasional comedian with a BS in Film Studies from Boston University’s College of Communication.  Her writing has appeared on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Rumpus, and The Nervous Breakdown as well as in the Austin Chronicle and Oh Comely.  Her essay EPILOGUE: DEADKIDISTAN appeared in Best American Essays 2013.  Her stories can be heard onstage around Austin and on The Soundtrack Series podcast.  She is currently (forever) at work on a collection of essays/memoir, and a novel.  Michelle types on whatever typewriter she can get her hands on.


Kate Payne is an author, freelance writer and farmers’ market’er; her books Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking and Hip Girl’s Guide to the Kitchen are available anywhere books are sold.  She’s excited about breakfast, bacteria, and bitters (saludbitters.com) as of late.  Find out more on her blog (hipgirlshome.com), and at katepayne.net.   Kate whips up poems on a 1972 Smith Corona Sterling.


GennaRose Nethercott is a poet, performer, and folklorist from the forests of Brattleboro, Vermont, now living in Boston.  She’s been typing poems-to-order across the globe since 2012, and this summer she’ll be teaming up with Sean to do a New England mini-tour!  GennaRose types on a 1952 Hermes rocket.  Find out more at www.gennarosenethercott.com.

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