D.C. Rodeo!

AmHistMarch 7, 2016

In March, we made our first visit to D.C.!

We got to type poems for the Smithsonian surrounded by their historic typewriters, and the Washington Antiquarian Book Fair beside their rows of rare manuscripts. It was amazing, to put it mildly.

First up, the Smithsonian!


The National Museum of American History set us up in their Object Project wing, as part of a special exhibit called TYPE-O-RAMA.


They brought several typewriters out of storage, including a Student model used by Shirley Temple, and an Underwood used to write the first Nancy Drew novels.



In the midst of those marvelous machines, we wrote poems for guests. We 💛 museums, so this was a dream come true!

Here’s the Smithsonian’s write-up of the event. 😊



“Your skill and speed were amazing!
We’ve never seen anything like it — people were so excited to get their poems!”
— Smithsonian event organizer

Next — the D.C. rare book fair!

rare books

Almost as much as we love old typewriters, we adore old books. The wonderful Washington Antiquarian Book Fair had us type poems for their guests, young and old.


And of course we wrote poems for the booksellers too. It was an antiquities lovefest!


WABF-2 copy

“You were such a hit! We can’t wait to have you back!”
— Book Fair organizer

More museum poems — The Phillips Collection!

(all Phillips event photos courtesy of AlexanderPhotographers.com)


We had a night of museum-going fun typing at The Phillips Collection‘s hopping “After 5” party.

© alexandermorozov.com



“Typewriter Rodeo blew our minds last night.”
— Phillips Collection “After 5” organizer

Last but not least, we were interviewed for “Good Morning Washington!”

“I just got chills!”
— Good Morning Washington co-anchor

All in all, it was an amazing trip — museums, rare books, and tons of typed poems, in our nation’s Capitol.  Will we be back?  Faster than a politician changes positions! 😊

— The Rodeo crew