Mother’s Day ūüĎł Poems

**We are no longer taking Mother’s Day 2016 poem orders. ¬†

Please check back for other holiday poems (Father’s Day is next!), 2 weeks before the holiday. ¬†In the meantime, you can still order a wedding or birthday gift poem (at our standard rate), at our¬†Gift Poems page here.

“My mother just called me raving about the poem.
It was definitely a home run!”
(Caroline E, South Carolina)


At our events, every poem is 100% free … BUT, what if you can’t make an event, and want one of the best gifts for the best Mom ever — a hand-typed, custom poem?

“OMG, this is beautiful, and perfect.
Made me cry!”
(Diane S, Ontario, Canada)

Well, right now¬†we’re offering mail-order Mother’s Day poems¬†— we’ll craft the perfect¬†gift¬†for your¬†perfect Mom!


“My mom got her poem. ¬†Lots of happy tears.”
(Christie M, Austin)

Share whatever¬†info you want, and¬†we’ll turn that into¬†a¬†unique, personalized poem, typed¬†on a vintage typewriter.


TIMING:¬†All poem requests submitted by midnight, Sunday, May¬†1st,¬†will be mailed to arrive in time for Mother’s Day. ¬†We’ll still accept orders through May¬†3rd,¬†but can’t guarantee they’ll arrive by the 8th.

We’ll also¬†email you¬†a photo of the poem the same day it goes out in the mail,¬†as a backup in case of meandering mail situations…

COST:¬†¬†Mother’s Day¬†poems are $25 each (includes Texas sales tax &¬†shipping) via PayPal.

To order your poem, fill out the form below — you can include as many requests as you’d like, just indicate “Poem 1, Poem 2.” ¬†Click “Submit” to send your info, then click the yellow “Buy Now” button below the form¬†to check out!

(If you order multiple poems, please select the appropriate “Quantity” at the PayPal checkout page.) ¬†If you have any¬†questions, email us!

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“She LOVED it. ¬†She cried.
I loved it, too — it was even better than I could have hoped.

(Lauren C, Austin)

“With tears in my eyes —
this is EXACTLY TENDER, reflective, insightful,¬†and what I wanted!”

(Pam T, Austin)

“You all rock !!!!” ¬†
(Martin J, Minnesota)

Sample poems from past events here.