More Museum Events

From evening parties to family days, we’re a perfect fit.

Example 1:  Dallas Museum of Art “Late Night” party

Attendees: 10,000+


Overview:  The DMA hosted us in their beautiful American Art wing. For three hours straight, our line wrapped around the corner. (The DMA set an attendance record of over ten thousand!)

IMG_3534 IMG_3536

“You were such a hit!”
— Carolyn Bess, DMA Programs Director

“You guys are amazing. We now have awesome poems to frame!”
— DMA poem recipient

Example 2:  Contemporary Arts Museum Houston family day

Attendees:  1,000+


Overview:  The CAMH brought us to Houston for a museum “block party.” For over four hours, we had a steady line of visitors of all ages.

CAMH 7-25-15

— CAMH poem recipient

“Your poem brought tears of happiness to my eyes. What you wrote in the span of minutes encompassed precisely how I feel.”
— CAMH poem recipient

Example 3:  Briscoe Western Art Museum fundraiser

Attendees:  250+

Briscoe, 5-6-14

Overview:  The Briscoe invited us to their gorgeous museum in San Antonio, and we typed poems for two hours to help with their BIG GIVE fundraiser.


“A wholly engaging and unique experience!”  
–Lauren Schultz, Briscoe staff

“This is so badass.”
— Briscoe poem recipient

Example 4:  Austin Thinkery Museum evening party

Attendance:  500+


Overview:  The museum had us type at their adults-only “Thinkery21” parties. Each time, our table was swamped.

twr_inkery_03-yes twr_inkery_04-yes

“By far, the best souvenir I’ve ever gotten anywhere!”
— Thinkery21 poem recipient


“Amazing poem!  😍 Getting this printed and framed.”
 –Thinkery21 poem recipient

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