Sure, lots of folks can plop behind a typewriter and type you a poem.

But you’ll be hard-pressed to find a team with more experience, poetic variety, and sparkly rainbow charm:

The Rodeo Founders

Jodi Egerton

Jodi holds a Ph.D. in English from UT Austin. With her husband Owen Egerton (and a little help from their kids), Jodi co-wrote the creativity and writing craft book This Word Now. Jodi is also the Project Director at CreativePickle, a childbirth doula, a goat-milker, and a classically trained clown.  She types on a 1970 Litton Imperial.

David Fruchter

David is a freelance curriculum writer, musician, performance artist, and stay-at-home dad. He lives in Austin, Texas with two dogs, two cats, and two ladies, and frequently daydreams of gardening.  David types on a 1941 Royal Quiet DeLuxe.

Kari Anne (K.A.) Holt

Kari Anne is an author, mama, and terrible cook. As an author for adults, Kari Anne has written HAIKU MAMA (Quirk, 2006), and periodically contributes to McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.  (She is also reasonably infamous for her blog, As a writer for children, Kari Anne is the author of several middle grade novels in verse including BenBee, Redwood & Ponytail, KnockoutHouse Arrest, and Rhyme Schemer. She has also published several middle grade fantasy adventures, including Red Moon RisingGnome-a-geddon, and Brains for Lunch: A Zombie Novel in Haiku!? as well as the picture book, I Wonder. She types on a 1952 Oliver portable.  More at:

Sean Petrie

Sean is an award-winning poet, author, professor, and typewriter tinkerer. His books include Cracked & Broken, the K-6 poetry workbook Pet Poems Plus, the Seattle poetry collection Listen to the Trees, and the Jett Ryder kids series. He has an MFA in Writing for Children from Vermont College and is a writing professor at the University of Texas. Sean types on a 1928 Remington Portable No. 2. 🍩 More at: 

Our Other Poets!

Sarah Beach

Sarah Beach is a poet with an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School. Her debut poetry chapbook, Impact, won the Sundress Publications’ 2022 Chapbook Contest. Originally from the swamps of Southeast Texas, she now lives in Austin with her husband and two objectively adorable dogs. When not writing or working at her day job as the Program Director at the Writer’s League of Texas, she can be found sprawled out on the floor of a bookstore, submerged in a spring, or strolling around aimlessly with her pups. She types on a 1950s Smith Corona named Greta. More at:

LaCole Foots

LaCole loves to learn about the world and uses her poetry to sift through some of the biggest questions we all face and dreams we all share. Her latest book, the poetry memoir Heavy Light, documents a three-year journey of what it means to come into your own. Her anthology Durance is a collection of coping with grief, navigating relationships, and finding oneself in the process. She is continuing to explore these big questions through her current projects. She has an analytical background with an MPA from Carnegie Mellon University and when not writing poetry, she’s storytelling through data as a data strategist at her analytics firm, Jodon Maclem. She types on a 1930s green Remington Portable No. 3. More at:

Rebecca Bendheim

Rebecca is a writer, middle school teacher, and occasional unicyclist with an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Her new poetry collection, Coming Out Party (Burlwood Books 2023), debuted as the #1 New Release LGBTQ+ Poetry book on Amazon. She has performed poetry at Lambda Litfest and Youth Speaks’ Queeriosity showcase. She types on a 1965 Olivetti Lettera DL and a purple 1930s Remington No. 3. More at

Bianca Pérez

Bianca Alyssa Pérez was born and raised in Mission, Texas — a small town bordering Mexico. She is a lecturer in the English Department and the MFA Program Coordinator at Texas State University and has an MFA in Poetry from there as well. Her latest chapbook is Gemini Gospel (Host Publications 2023) and she is the Poetry Editor at Porter House Review. Bianca’s poems have been published in Magma Poetry UKReclamationATXThe Sappho DiariesEast French Press, and elsewhere. Her poetry centers on the idea of her Latin culture, family, spirituality, and womanhood. She types on a 1970s light blue Royal Safari.

Shanna Gerlach

Instead of going to preschool like most kids, Shanna spent her most formative toddler years at her family’s kitchen table splattered with paint and glue. Though Shanna doesn’t remember exactly what she created, she does remember how: with abandon, confidence, curiosity, and boundless ambition.

Shanna brings that same wonder and spark to her poetry. She also is an experienced branding and website-design professional, and has worked for several years as a camp advisor with Camp Kesem (a national non-profit for kids impacted by a parent’s cancer). She types on a 1928 Remington portable No. 2.

Jena Kirkpatrick

Jena has self-published eight books; co-written, directed and produced three multimedia performance art pieces; and competed in two National Poetry Slam competitions. She leads multiple workshops for Badgerdog Literary, a writers-in-the-schools nonprofit based in Austin. She is the editor of Writing for Positive Change, an anthology featuring members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas. She types on a 1940s Royal. More at:

Liz Garton Scanlon

Liz is an award-winning children’s author and poet, with more books than we could list here! She also teaches at Vermont College of Fine Arts, and when not writing, teaching, and reading, can be found in the outdoors with her husband and daughters. Liz types on a 1930s green Remington Portable No. 3. More at:

Michelle Mirsky

Michelle is a writer, storyteller, and occasional comedian with a BS in Film Studies from Boston University’s College of Communication. Her writing has appeared on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Rumpus, and The Nervous Breakdown as well as in the Austin Chronicle and Oh Comely. Her essay EPILOGUE: DEADKIDISTAN appeared in Best American Essays 2013. Her stories can be heard onstage around Austin and on The Soundtrack Series podcast. She is currently (forever) at work on a collection of essays/memoir, and a novel. Michelle types on whatever typewriter she can get her hands on.

GennaRose Nethercott

Friend-of-the-Rodeo GennaRose sometimes joins at our New England gigs! She is a poet, performer, and folklorist from the forests of Brattleboro, Vermont, also occasionally living in Boston and New Orleans. She’s been typing poems-to-order across the globe since 2012. Her latest verse novel is The LumberJack’s Dove and her debut novel, Thistlefoot, came out fall 2022 and is rocking the reviews and sales charts! GennaRose types on a 1952 Hermes rocket. More at:

Lily Myers

Lily Myers is the backbone of our Seattle Rodeo! Lily graduated from Wesleyan University, where she competed on the slam poetry team and won Best Love Poem at the 2013 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational for her poem, “Shrinking Women.” Her books include the YA novel in verse, This Impossible Light (Viking Books). She types on a 1930s Remington Portable named Wednesday.

Megan Benedict

Megan Benedict is part of our Denver Rodeo! Megan is a children’s book author and holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Her first two picture books, both written in verse, Great Gusts: Winds of the World and the Science Behind Them and Sea Wolves: Keepers of the Rainforest, debut in 2024 (pre-order now!). Her poetry has been published in Bravery Magazine and the Hyacinth Review. She types on a green 1930’s Remington Portable No. 3 named Dorothy. More at