“You were such a hit!”
— Dallas Museum of Art

“I can’t thank you enough — you were so great and wrote terrific poems.
We’d love to have you back!”

     — WGBH-Boston “News Quiz” radio show

“Amazingly cool to hire for your corporate conference.”
     — Jo Miller, CEO of Women’s Leadership Coaching

“You brought so much joy to all of us — such a great addition to our event!”
— Boston Antiquarian Book Fair

“Nantucket is one big Typewriter Rodeo fan club!”
— Nantucket Book Festival

Your poem reduced my husband to a delightfully blubbering mess.”
—  Susan M, South Carolina

Nantucket Magazine

“As indelible as your typewriters and talent are — your heart and compassion for every person who stands in front of you, with words and ideas that you shape into beautiful form — that is the lasting memory.  With heartfelt thanks and enormous gratitude.” — Mary Haft, Nantucket Book Festival organizer

“True artistry at work.”
— Nantucket Magazine

“Need some unique entertainment?
Typewriter Rodeo delivers!” 

— Four Seasons Hotel, Austin

“It was not just entertainment —
it was a personal, emotional keepsake for each employee.”

     — Events Planner, PayPal

     Poem recipients

“The most delicate, creative memento I ever took from a corporate event — any event, as a matter of fact.”
— Roberta B, PayPal-Brazil

“My poem is by my bedside in a sparkly frame.”
— Shelly G, Dallas

“What rockstars, y’all are!  Our guests loved you!”
— Harry Ransom Center Museum

“We can’t wait to have you all back!”
— Bullock Texas History Museum


“You guys are amazingggg.  We now have awesome poems to frame!”
— Dallas Museum of Art poem recipient

“You had a constant line and it was inspiring to watch everyone leave with a smile. You truly made our SXSW presence uncommon!”  
— Events Director, Stance Socks

“This was my favorite thing from visiting Texas. I know it was in fun, but what you wrote touched my heart — it is something I will truly treasure!”
— Mary L, Stance SXSW poem recipient

“It was amazing seeing you clickity-clacking your way through a seemingly endless stream of folks eager for their own poetry.”
— Organizer, Trailer Food Tuesdays

“The poem you wrote me is one of my favorite things of all time.”
— Tiffany R, Austin Maker Faire poem recipient

“By far, the best souvenir I’ve ever gotten anywhere!”
— Thinkery21 poem recipient

“You nailed it.
It’s like you live in our bathroom (but not in a creepy way or anything).”

— Marion D, 50th wedding anniversary poem recipient

“You guys rock!! Wow, what talent!”
— Mike Castellucci, Co-Host, “Good Morning Texas”

“We chuckled, teared up …
then felt the need to frame pieces of paper with words on them.”

— Dripping Springs Community Library

“Six months later,
your poem still sits on my fridge where I can read it when I need to.”

— Jennifer R, PayPal-Australia 

“It was like having celebrities at our school!”
         — Rawson Saunders School

“We want you back every time!”
         — UT Elementary School
7 BevoBash-poem readers

“You’re always everyone’s favorite!”
         — Marketing Coordinator, Adlucent LLC

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“It’s just the right mix of creative & nostalgia that keeps guests talking beyond the evening’s event.”
Red Velvet Events

“Look out, Typewriter Rodeo will soon surpass the wedding photo booth trend!”
— Lauren & Jon, wedding couple

“This is so badass.”
          — Instagram user montgomery.c
Briscoe, 5-6-14 [4]

“Typewriter Rodeo should be on every corner of the universe.”
Ruth Pennebaker, author

As pretty much the ultimate testimonial, one poem recipient used his poem as the inspiration for a tattoo: