Valentine 💘 Poems

Your poem reduced my husband to a delightfully blubbering mess.”
—  Susan M, South Carolina


At our events, every poem is 100% free … BUT, what if you can’t make an event, and want one of the best Valentine’s gifts ever — a hand-typed, custom poem?

“OMG!! These are AMAZING!!
I laughed, I cried, I texted all the girls I work with immediately.
Thanks for making the perfect gift!”

— Laura S, Austin

Well, right now we’re offering mail-order Valentine’s — we’ll craft the perfect gift for your spouse, significant other, or secret crush!


“Mission accomplished on the poem.  Thank you very much!”
— Todd S, Nebraska

Share whatever info you want, and we’ll turn that into a unique, personalized poem, typed on a vintage typewriter.

TIMING: All poem requests submitted by midnight, Saturday, February 6th, will be mailed to arrive in time for Valentine’s.  We’ll accept orders through Feb. 10th, but can’t guarantee they’ll arrive by the 14th.  We’ll also email you a photo, as a backup in case of meandering mail situations…

COST:  Valentine poems are $25 each (includes Texas sales tax & shipping) via PayPal.

To order your poem, fill out the form below — you can include as many requests as you’d like, just indicate “Poem 1, Poem 2.”  Click “Submit” to send your info, then click the yellow “Buy Now” button below the form to check out!

(If you order multiple poems, please select the appropriate “Quantity” at the PayPal checkout page.)  If you have any questions, email us!

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More gift poem testimonials:

“She LOVED it.  She cried.
I loved it, too — it was even better than I could have hoped.

— Lauren C, Austin

“Thank you for the beautiful poem for my grandmother.
I commissioned this for her first Christmas without my grandpa after nearly 70 years of marriage.  My hilarious grandma was so inspired she wrote a poem of her own for me.”

— Monique M, Austin

“With tears in my eyes —
this is EXACTLY TENDER, reflective, insightful, and what I wanted!”

— Pam T, Austin

“You all rock !!!!”  
— Martin J, Minnesota

Sample poems from some of our events.