Gift ūüď¨ Poems

“With tears in my eyes — this is EXACTLY TENDER, reflective, insightful,
and what I wanted!”¬†
— Pam T. (wedding gift for son)

At all our events, every poem is 100% free. BUT … what if¬†you can’t make an event and¬†want a hand-typed, custom poem as a special gift? ¬†Well, you¬†can order one here!

“NAILED it! Thank you!” —¬†daughter of H. Ross Perot (birthday gift¬†for dad)

Share whatever info you’d like, then’ll we write a personalized poem¬†on a vintage typewriter, lovingly¬†place¬†it in a clear¬†protective display, and mail it to you.

“ADORE it!! Cannot wait to give it to the couple!” — Liz M. (wedding gift for friends)

Here’s one¬†we did for a six-year-old about his two favorite things — angler fish and ghosts:

Ian - poem and mural

“It is amazing, and Ian loves it. Thank you for the truly special gift.”

TIMING:¬†¬†Please order at least¬†10 days before you want to receive the poem. ¬†(Longer for international addresses.) ¬†We’ll also keep a digital copy as a backup, in case of meandering mail situations…

CHARGE:  Gift poems are $50 each (includes TX sales tax, clear protective display stand, and shipping) via PayPal.

To order, please fill out the form below, click “Submit” to send us your info, then after that, click the¬†yellow¬†PayPal “Buy Now” button¬†to pay! If you have any questions,¬†email us.

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


HOLIDAYS¬†— We also do reduced-rate, limited-time poems for certain holidays — typically¬†Mother’s & Father’s Day, and Christmas. ¬†Check our site¬†2-3 weeks before each¬†holiday, to see if we’re offering reduced rates for those poems.

Here’s a wedding¬†gift poem¬†we did about¬†a couple who (among other things) loved nature and walks in the snow, and got engaged¬†on Bainbridge Island:

Pam-wedding gift poem

“Thank you so much for your beautiful poems! ¬†You conveyed exactly what I wanted Aunt Becky¬†to hear – and she cried, and laughed, and cried some more – it was very touching.”

— Kara S., Dale, Tx

“Your poem reduced my husband¬†to a delightfully blubbering mess. A deep, heartfelt thank you and hearty hugs to the gang at Typewriter Rodeo. You are AMAZING!”

— Susan M., South Carolina