Make your event memorable!

 “Need unique entertainment? Typewriter Rodeo delivers.”
— Four Seasons Hotel

“These guys are the new ‘photo booth’ for parties!” 
— TheSalonniè


We do typewriter poetry nationwide — weddings, company parties, museums, book & music festivals, schools — you name it, we’re there with unique entertainment.

We’ve typed poems for PayPal, The Nantucket Book Festival, SXSW, The Dallas Museum of Art, H. Ross Perot, NPR’s “Radio Boston,” and tons more.

And our team of poets, always typing side-by-side, gives your event:

Big crowds …
Dallas Museum Art - poems line

… and lots of goodwill.
Briscoe, 5-6-14 [4]

Framed-1“At the Ransom Center exhibit opening, Jodi crafted a poem about my son that was beautiful, funny, and heartfelt. I looked at her with tears in my eyes after reading it and all I could say was ‘Thank you. It’s perfect.’

The poem is now framed and hanging in his room.​”

 – Jen Rios Burns

Super-short video:

Longer video.  NPR interview.

Click here to hire us or get a rate quote.

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