Poetry Bedazzled ✨

Poetry as entertainment?
Yup, believe it.

We write poems on the spot, on whatever topics people give us.
We also use really cool typewriters.

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“You give them the words, they spit out a poem.
Sometimes, you hand them your heart and they find its expression.”
(Nantucket Magazine)

“More than just conference entertainment —
it was a personal, emotional keepsake for each employee.”

For over 3 years, we’ve typed all across the country
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Here’s a quick video.  And recent article:


Each poem is moment of authentic, individual connection that, in today’s screen-focused age, is all too rare.

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Typewriter Rodeo blew our minds last night.” 
(Phillips Collection, D.C.)

[@ Smithsonian “Type-o-Rama”]


Guests come up to our table and give us any topic they want.

In about 3 minutes we type them an original, full-length poem that’s theirs to keep.

“You guys were a smash hit!
Your skill and speed are unparalleled.”

AA - us typing - Thinkery video

It’s a personal, sometimes deeply emotional experience that typically ends in laughter, high-fives, even tears and hugs.

“That’s incredible!  I just got chills!”
(D.C. TV anchor Autria Godfrey)

Quick video overview:
“The most delicate, creative memento I ever took from a corporate event —
any event, as a matter of fact.”
(PayPal conference guest)


EVENTS:  We provide unique entertainment for (click each for more):

“Typewriter Rodeo is the next BIG interactive entertainment.
It’s just the right mix of creative and nostalgia.”
(Red Velvet Events)


We’re based in Austin, TX, but we travel anywhere.  Some past gigs: 

  • Smithsonian – D.C.
  • PayPal – San Jose
  • Rare Book Fairs – D.C. & Boston
  • SXSW – Willie Nelson’s Ranch
  • Art Museums – Boston, Houston & Dallas
  • Audi USA – Austin
  • Book Festivals – Texas & Nantucket
  • Hilton Resorts – Mexico
  • (Full list coming soon)


It takes two to rodeo! 

We always bring at least two poets. Why?

Guests like the interactive experience a lot more than if it’s a solo typist.

Plus, the sound of multiple typewriters clacking away?  That’s just fun.

AA - website Thinkery crowd


“Thank you for making last night so special!
Everyone loved their poems and kept sharing them.”

(Hilton Resorts – Cabo)

How do people typically respond?

To an original poem written just for them?

Well, a picture’s worth…



Briscoe, 5-6-14 [4]



“At the Ransom Center party, Jodi crafted a poem about my son that was beautiful, funny, and heartfelt. I looked at her with tears in my eyes after reading it and all I could say was ‘Thank you. It’s perfect.’

The poem is now framed and hanging in his room.”  (Jen Rios Burns, event guest)

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