We write custom poems. On really cool typewriters.

“I love this band of spontaneous writers — they always lift the mood.”

— Naomi Shihab Nye, Young People’s Poet Laureate 

We are based in Austin, but do events from Maine to Mexico, kid-friendly to adult-feisty.

It starts when a guest walks up & shares a topic:

“I’m having a rough day…”

Then we create an original poem, typed while they watch:

“People’s lives are changed after these poems.”

— Conference Organizer, Austin

Each poem is a personal connection that often results in laughter, high-fives, even hugs and tears.

We also have a lovely book.

“Sometimes, you hand them your heart and they find its expression.”

— Nantucket Magazine

“You crafted a poem about my son that was beautiful, funny, and heartfelt. I had tears in my eyes after reading it and all I could say was, ‘Thank you. It’s perfect.’ The poem is now framed and hanging in his room.”

— Poem Recipient, Dallas Museum of Art