We create custom, on-the-spot poems at events and venues.

And we do it on really cool typewriters.

For over six years, we've written poems from Maine to Mexico, festivals to fancy corporate galas, kid-friendly to adult-feisty.

We are based in Austin, TX, but travel all over.

Here's how it works:

First, a guest walks up and gives us a topic.

“I’m starting a new job…” 

“I'm having a rough day…”

“I love cheese!”

Then we turn it into an original poem typed out while they watch — like this:

“People’s lives are changed after these poems.”

— Organizer, Professional Convention Management Association Conference

“You get me … you really get me!”

— Poem Recipient, Odessa Arts Festival

Each poem is moment of authentic, individual connection that often results in laughter, high-fives, even hugs and tears.

“You give them the words, they spit out a poem. Sometimes, you hand them your heart and they find its expression.”

— Nantucket Magazine

“You crafted a poem about my son that was beautiful, funny, and heartfelt. I had tears in my eyes after reading it and all I could say was, ‘Thank you. It’s perfect.’ The poem is now framed and hanging in his room.”

— Poem Recipient, Harry Ransom Center